Qrt2 Online Business Awareness Case Study

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QRT2 E-BUSI NESS Perform a nee Assessment By Thea Adams February 12, 2013 Part A: Develop an online business expansion proposal. 1. Viability of product or service Beautiful Bibles is a new faith based business that is driven by the desire to share and spread faith throughout their community and beyond. Beautiful Bibles plans to open a brick and mortar location in hopes of encouraging biblical awareness in the communities they service. Beautiful Bibles hopes that creating a on-line presence will assist in driving business to their physical location as well as creating a on-line clientele. Beautiful Bibles desire to create a on-line presence at this juncture of their business make sense because it will drive business, create awareness…show more content…
In other words they can "opt in" they will be able to be added to a newsletter, flyers on sales as well as new products and whatever the store and site have going on. This can be done with minimal cost it's simply man hours and good updated lists. Online advertising can be costly but with specific types of ads the cost can be managed nicely. There are other options besides the standard pay per click which is a double edged sword when it comes to a startup company. Although banner ads are what helps brand awareness which is the overall goal there are also options such as YouTube and using "true view" that only charges when your video is watched and not skipped. This way Beautiful Bibles benefits by having an opportunity at brand awareness creation but also maintains the ability to keep it cost under control as a new business. Social media is the focal point for so many people today and with the ability to be on Beautiful Bibles friends list or followers you can be in touch constantly with whatever sales or new products that are being offered, without having to go into the store or even on the site, the site brings the news to you. E-mail benefits are equally beneficial, some would say even more if a customer is in their email on a constant basis and has also "opted in" to Beautiful Bibles email lists the customer knows about new sales, new products as well as anything else Beautiful Bibles may have going on. Online Marketing, new and existing customers can always learn more about Beautiful Bibles with ongoing ads and promotions, there are a lot of online advertising while you're just surfing the net or watching YouTube, a lot of online marketing is interactive and that helps grow brand awareness. So is customers' aren't continually tied to their social media connections or inboxes however are online they

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