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Running head: WHY TAKE THE QUANTITATIVE REASONING FOR BUSINESS COURSE Why Take the Quantitative Reasoning for Business Course Robert Smith University of Phoenix Why Take the Quantitative Reasoning for Business Course The paper explains why I think taking the quantitative reasoning for business course will help prepare me for the following courses; finance, economics, operations, accounting, and research at University of Phoenix. The course applies quantitative reasoning skills to help students learn, understand, and solve business problems. Students learn analytical tools and techniques to analyze data. This course will give me a baseline of knowledge to better understand the business problems. The success of business is spoken in numbers and understanding those numbers is the main way to understand the success or failure of a business. Quantitative Reasoning for Business course, QRB 521, at University of Phoenix covers six areas; Working with Numbers and Formulas, Visual Representation of Quantities, Time Value of Money, Decision Making with Uncertainty, and Business Applications II. These six areas cover a wide range of topics, giving the students the basics knowledge needed to enter the other required class. It appears this course will help me get rid of the many cobwebs in my brain from not applying my math and business skills after getting my undergraduate degree in 1992. I need a course like this to help me remember what to do with mathematical expressions, world problems, and just business data in general. I remember understanding the time value of money years ago but to remember the details after 17 years is too hard. I have not thought about what I learned in my undergraduate degree for many years. When I graduated, I rejoined the army and I have not looked back on the information. I need to brush-up on the material before jumping into the other

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