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Assignment #6 Analyze the effects of culture within an organization Ronald Heckman MBA53/Organizational Leadership Dr. Alex Kadrie University of Phoenix Analyze the effects of culture within an organization Culture is said to be the very heart of an organization. It is one of the most stable and substantial forces within organizations, shaping the way members think, behave, and approach their work. In short, it represents an organization's unique style of operation. The effects in this paper focused on the following issues; External forces, accredition standards, ethical principal, and how culture evolves. External Factors catalyzed by the 21st Century, it is imperative to improve cultural by using powerful political and economic muscle. A floodgate of external initiatives has begun, private is proposing new legislation and governmental programs organizations and the public. Today accreditation standards have placed a challenge to recognize and acknowledge any vulnerabilities in their organizational systems. The new standards by the Human Resources Department also have to create a culture that is conducive to organizational learning and to share any lessons learned within organizations and between organizations. The expectation is that these initiatives play out through formal and informal structures with the “coaching” of leadership and the commitment of necessary institutional resources. Ethical principal, over the years, for each professional organizations have developed Codes of Ethics that have served as guidelines for their membership, setting forth expectations for the manner in which they are to make decisions and conduct themselves while undertaking their work. These principles represent the core values and highest aims of each profession. Culture is born out of the founding ideologies of an
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