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After doing some research on Quantitative Reasoning I found out that it is the ability to apply mathematics with the principals of logic to real world arguments to find a solution. Mostly managers will apply mathematics with logistics to develop informed opinions about quantitative concepts. (Davidson, M. and Mckinney, G., 2008) To me Quantitative Reasoning means using critical thinking along with mathematics to solve problems. After looking at the information about the Quantitative Reasoning for Business Overview information, which also included the quiz, I am very glad that University of Phoenix offers this class as part of the MBA program. This course will definitely develop my analytical thinking. It will teach me the skills to understand different kinds of formulas and the reasoning behind each formula, and be able to successfully manage a company and use my skills to increase the profits. The overview made me understand that a good manager is someone who has great mathematical skills along with being able to balance risk and return, compare performance against baseline, understand the relationships between price and quantity, price and revenue and being able to determine when the process goes out of control. It looks like in the class Excel will be used to create histograms, conduct a linear regression analysis. The use of these charts, graphs and tables will allow students to visualize and understand the formulas and what effects each variable within the formula has. I prefer a lot to use charts and graphs, because it allows me to understand the quantitative reasoning. I remember from my undergraduate coursework the table and the formula for calculating the elasticity of demand. The formula on its own is difficult to understand, but when you put the table next to the formula it shows the Quantity demanded going up as the Product Price is going

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