Qnt Week 3 Essay

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Use Probability to Formulate Decision University of Phoenix QNT / 561 July 16, 2012 Richard Thomlinson, Ph.D. Use Probability to Formulate Decision Statistics provides essential information for managers to form a decision when faced with uncertainty in business endeavors. Specifically, statistics provides interconnected relations between the known and unknown, variables and constants revealing the information needed for the decision making process. Making a decision using data provided often base on probability of occurrences of what is going to happen or otherwise in the future. Using statistics, manager can use inductive or deductive reasoning to identify the possible outcome for the decision one needs to make. In this paper, I will be analyzing customer satisfaction survey data using probability to make decision for the business of hospitality. Scenario The industry of hospitality is the business of making the customer satisfied on services rendered by the hospitality providers. Thus, it is important to collect data on how customers are satisfied with the service provided. Manager needs to form a habit of review, criticize and analyze the customer’s survey to improve the quality of service provided to the customers. Top dollars are placed on comprehensive training programs aiming on customer satisfaction. The satisfaction needs to occur at the moment when guests arrive at the hotel for check in. Each of these steps must be monitored closely with collecting data ensuring that the quality provided is top notched. One way to do this is to provide guest comment card to customers when they arrive. Process Comment cards provide commentaries responded by guest when staying at the hotel. The guest determines on how satisfied they are when they are at the hotel – whether their expectations are met or not. Data on comment cards help manager make decision on
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