Qlt4 Task 4

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TASK 4 Enter compusfood.com. Explore the site. Why is the site so successful? Could you start a competing one? Why or why not? Some of main reasons why this website has become popular are divided into four sections and mentioned below. 1. Content This website is designed for commercial purposes, particularly aiming to attract customers who are university or college students. The focus of this site is, as suggested from the name of web address, food. Variety of food and also retailers are shown. Also, this website provides ‘about me’ and ‘contact us’ sections. By showing how they can be reached to users as well as a brief background of a company, a sense of reliability are provided to users. It is important to note that this website is also developed for business to business purposes. Restaurants that want to be listed on this site are encouraged to contact to this firm. 2. Usability This website allows its visitors to find the information they need very easily. On the main page, there is a section which asks users for which state of the United States you are located and also after a state is chosen, it shows a number of universities or colleges to users.…show more content…
This is because the cost of setting up this type of website is low and also the information they would put on a site can be obtained from third parties, such as university students. The main problem is to get the major food chain franchises into our website; yet, this could be overcome by hiring several part-time workers who work on commission basis. The revenue module for the site is mainly on the percentage commission on each sale made by a restaurant. Keeping track of this is quite easy. The main hint to this revenue model is the order history for each customer who logged in. All they require to do is to collect the revenue for each purchase by a customer to a restaurant and get the commission out of the total
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