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QCF260 project Proposal Template Group Name: LVH (Learning Value of Happiness) Group Members: H, V, L Project Title: Three Dimensional Recipe Book Date of Submission: 22 November, 2012 Vision Statement The visions of our group are for young children to enrich social skills, enhance their independence, and have more engagement in parent-children relationship by cooking. This is all related to feeling happiness as you can see in our group name. Children usually feel stressed when they are enforced to be taught but feel happy when they actively engage in learning things by themselves. Our group provides cooking recipes that are likely to attract children. You will see the differences when you open the first page of the book. 1. Background We thought it would be a good idea for young children to learn how to cook by themselves. Children cannot properly read normal recipe books sold in book shops because they contain so many details and are usually complicated. Even though recipe books usually contain a lot of pictures and photos, some of the information such as nutritious, dietary information is not necessary for children.…show more content…
Then, H got an idea of making recipe books because he likes to cook and does cooking every day. Also, as he likes taking photos, we are able to put photos in the process of the cooking. Regarding the description of the recipes, we decided to create a character who explains the recipes shown in the book with illustration which Lei has an ability to do because if the description is written as a normal recipe book, it distracts

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