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Unit307 1.1+1.2 the legislation that relates to handing information is the access to personal files act 1987/ the data protection act 1998/ the freedom of information act 2000 / human rights / health and social care act 2008. The main points of these laws is so that people can see what information is being held by authorities about them. I.e. medical information/ police records/ or social services files. This information cannot be accessed by any other person all information held by local authorities and the National Health Service is personal information. About people and is protected by the date protection act. As a social care worker. You must strive to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of service users and carers. In relation to the legislation the code of practice states. 2.3 respecting confidential information and clearly explaining agency policies about confidentiality to service users and carers. 5.3 must not abuse the trust of service users and carers or the access you have to personal information about them or their property. Home or workplace. 6.1 meeting relevant standards of practice and working in a lawful. Safe and effective way. 6.2 maintain clear and accurate records as required by procedures established for your work. Anyone processing data (personal). Must comply with the eight enforceable principles of good practice laid down in the data protection act 1998. These say that data must be. . Fairly and lawfully processed. . Processed for limited purposes. . Adequate. Relevant and not excessive. . Accurate. . Not kept for longer than necessary. . Processed in accordance with the data subjects. Rights. . Kept secure. . Not transferred to countries without adequate protection. 2.1 The features of manual and electronic storage systems for information are. Care plans/ diary’s/ mar charts. These are some examples

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