Qcf Level 5 Health and Social Care Essay

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Unit 1 SCH 51 - Use and Develop systems that Promote Communication 1.1 - Within the Day Centre setting, there is a diverse range of service users, employees and volunteers who all require the use of different communication methods and have different communication needs. Our clients are mainly referred from social services and are considered either Frail Elderly, PH&D or referred from the community mental health team. Some of our members have limited vision, poor hearing or understanding and one member has no speech whatsoever and the methods of communication used are very different. We would use picture cards alot to assist with choice for those with hearing or understanding issues. I have found that visual communication can be very effective by way of hand gestures and body language. We also have an in house hearing clinic which is free of charge and our members use this regularly to enhance their experience within the centre, by having regular checks carried out on their hearing aids, but also any repairs which may be required or battery changes. One member has recently began using a talking mat as her speech is very limited which has proved very effective. We have reading glasses available for our members who have forgotten their glasses, which would hinder their experience whilst here. 2.3 - Following a recent experience with a staff member whom is subject to Investigatory meetings, I have found that verbal communication with staff can be misinterpreted, misunderstood or easily forgotten about. To me, this staff member immediately felt under threat once approached verbally and that left a poor atmosphere around the centre. 2.4 - To avoid some of the above issues, I have decided that any communication with staff members of a formal nature will now be done in writing and shall be either hand delivered or sent by registered / recorded mail.

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