Qcf Level 3 Health and Social Care

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1. A duty of care is the requirement in my job role as a support worker i must put the interests of the service users first and do everything i can to keep them safe from harm i do this by following support plans and risk assessments. To provide a dignified, safe and stimulating service where service users are encouraged to exercise choice and to promote their independence. To ensure individuals’ rights and responsibilities are retained by treating them with dignity and respect. To provide care services which are appropriate to the needs of the service users and that have been agreed with them. To contribute to the care planning process. To participate in maintaining and updating personal records to required standards, with proper reference to the ethics and confidentiality of recording practice. To assist or administer oral and/or topical medications as per the GPs’/prescribing medical examiner’s instructions with regard to the policies and procedures and safe recording practice of the Association. To liaise with external agencies, family members and carers any changes within the care plan of the service user consistent with requirements of confidentiality. To provide the services to individuals, including some or all of those listed below, as per agreed care and support plans: We have daily cleaning rotas to ensure the session is clean and we are stopping the spread of infection. Ensuring that staff has been trained in first Aid and that we have the right equipment. To complete accident forms when an accident occurs and getting the parent/carer to sign to say there have been made aware. 2. DUTY OF CARE AND SAFEGUARDING Duty of care contributes to the safe guarding and protection of individuals by ensuring care workers are working to agreed standards by following policies and procedures and best practice. It ensures that

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