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Qcf Diploma Health and Social Care Unit 205 Task B Essay

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  • on June 15, 2013
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unit 205   Task B

Case study 1.

You are a support worker for Mrs Ahmed who is 89, physically frail and lives alone.She has diabetes.
Mrs Ahmed wants to eat foods that are not suitable for her medical condition, and ask you to shop for
her as she is not able to go herself

* Describe the difficulties for you in exercising your duty of care and upholding Mrs Ahmeds right to choose.

-I would check in Mrs Ahmeds care plan to to see if any advise had been noted down in there,
then let Mrs Ahmed know of my concerns
Regarding the foods that she had chosen.
I would then give her a choice of alternative foods that she could choose that are better for her health wise
and then ask if she would like to choose the alternatives instead

*Where would you go to get help, advice, and support to deal with the dilema.

- I would contact my   manager who would be able to help and support me in what needs to be done,
and make a note of it in the care plan of what has happened for future reference.

Case study 2.

Leon Quashie lives in supported housing. He has learning disabilities. You are his support worker.
Leon tells you that he has a new friend who comes to his home and plays on his games console.
A few days later you notice that the games console is missing. Leon tells you his new friend has borrowed it.

* Describe the difficulties for you in excercising your duty of care to Leon and upholding his rights.

- As i am there as Leons support worker I would speak with Leon and discuss with him me calling his friend to request the console back,
then explain to leon that if the console was not brough back I could contact the police to get their help in returning it.
I would then explain to Leon that I am there to help and protect him and even though he has the right to choose who he wants to have as friends
that it is my duty to try to stop people from trying to exploit him.

* Where could you go to get advice and support...

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