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– Case 1: A New Style 1. What are the differential issues (attributes) of the haircut service provided by QB Net (both positive and negative)? QB Net main attribute is time. Many of the policies and innovations applied focus towards reducing the time spent having a haircut. They achieve this objective with: * Ticket-vending machine This way employees can focus on just cutting the customers’ hair and do not waste time collecting money. Moreover the fact the machine does not give change back makes the service faster. * Light signpost This mechanism makes it really easy for potential clients to know whether they will have to wait or they can go straight to the barber. Thanks to this, time spent waiting for their turn is reduced for customers. * No reservations policy QB Net does not take reservation since this would imply at least an employee picking up the phone (waste of time). On top of that, the firm’s policy is to serve the first that comes, and since there is the light signpost, every client can decide whether they want to wait or not to have their hair cut. The second important point in QB Net strategy is price. By selling haircuts for 10¥, the firm is able to attract more clients. And they can achieve this competitive price by: * No-frills The Company focuses on just cutting hair without any additional services; shampooing is avoided and thus it supposes less cost. (and also less time) Lastly, a key feature of QB Net strategy is innovation and differentiating from competitors in some aspects: * Hygiene The “air-wash” system reduces time spent and it is cleaner. * Comfort New innovative chairs more comfortable and convenient than traditional ones. * Location The fact QB Net has more than 200 stores all over the country makes it quite easy for any customer to find a store nearby. 2. Based on the information provided

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