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STRONG AND WEAK POINTS & PROFESSIONAL GOALS Strong and Weaks Points  Strong My main strong point is reliability. I always keep my word and accomplish my duties. I take my own responsability for every actions which I am involved in. I am able to work on team projects and to collaborate with other people in order to achieve goals. I am willing to learn. Since I have eight summer’s experience in handling customer relations for a little cafè, I am capable of relating to and interacting with people.  Weak Since I am always underestimating my work and the value of my performances, for me it is easier to describe my weak points. Becuse of what I said before, of course, insecurity is the first and the biggest of my weak points. But I sometimes believe that this characteristic helped me. I mean, it helped me to improve my knowledge and skills and not to take for granted what I achieved. My shyness, or better, my reservedness is the second weak point that I am trying to overcome. I am quite reflective and I carefully weigh all the decisions that I have to take. Professional Goals  Short-term goals My short-term goal consists in graduating within the two Academic Years. Accomplishing my study duties is my primary objective. I am trying to improve my knowledge and my language skills in order to get and to ensure quality for my translation. According to my major, I would also like to make an interesting and useful internship.  Medium-term goals My medium-term goal is to find a job. As I have written in my curriculum vitae, I would like to work in translation-related fields, such as translation agencies, trading companies, publishing and tourism. I did not include to work as a free translator. This is not because I will not do it but, rather, because I am not ready to do it now. Since I have no experience at all in

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