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Whirlwind of Disaster Tornadoes can be extremely dangerous and can reach a point that they can destroy nearly anything in its path. There is a variety of classifications for tornadoes depending on how feeble or powerful its winds swirl. F0 is the lowest form of tornadoes, it can only get up to about 70 miles per hour and possibly knock small branches off of trees. F0 and F1 tornadoes are the most common and are about 75% of all tornadoes as F4 and F5 being the strongest ranging from 200 miles per hour to 300 miles per hour are only in the 1% and can pluck houses right from their foundations. Most tornadoes don't even reach speeds higher than 110 miles per hour, but it's possible for one to max out at 300 miles per hour ("Tornado Facts and Myths"). "It was just after 3 p.m. Wednesday when Adam Shilling saw something out his back porch in Orrville that he hadn't seen in the three years he spent living in Oklahoma, a tornado(Kosich)." The Shiller family's house remained unharmed, but the neighbors across the road took a big hit from the tornado. "The twister ripped off the roof ot the bedroom sending part of it into a field a good 75 yards away (Kosich)." Bricks from the chimney were yplucked from the house and thrown to the complete opposite side of the house they were originally on (Kosich). The storm sliced a gap through a corn field about 40 yards wide. The twister fractured just a few trees before moving on. "Another massive tree in the east yard toppled at the base (Kosich)." The tree was an evergreen about 18 feet tall that had been snapped in half and thrown across the yard. The neighbors were lucky no one had been home when the tornado hit or people could have gotten seriously hurt. The entire roof of the house had been ripped off of and been hurled across the yard, into nearby fields, or in the trees (Kosich). No one was home at the time but the

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