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Austin Sinegar LOGO/COPORATE IDENTITY PROJECT A BREIF HISTORY….. Questions from the reading & independent research Q: Answer the questions from the provided reading, LOGO/COPORATE IDENTITY - A Brief History, located on blackboard. W: Use the internet to research logos & corporate identities and answers to the questions below. Q1: Traditionally, what did the term “corporate logo” mean? Symbol or logotype W1: What does it mean today? The persona of a company Q2: List two (historic) examples of a trademark. Coke and Sherwin Williams paint W2: List two current examples of a trademark. Draw thumbnail sketches of each. Q3: Historically, why were trademarks used? To identify brands W3: Compare & contrast. How are they used today? To identify brands and to make a customer feel a certain way Q4: Who designed coke a cola’s first logo? When? A book keeper in 1887 W4: Who do you think designs it now? How has the look changed over time? A graphic designer it has become more detailed. Q5: How has the role of a graphic designer changed since the 1980’s? The logo is made before the company not after W5: Google “corporate logos”. In your opinion, what do you think are the 5 most recognizable logos- WHY? Kellogg’s, Coke, Kraft, Apple, Google, Microsoft. They advertise the most. W6: What are your 3 favorite trademarks/logos? Draw thumbnail sketches of each. W7: Describe the colors used in each logo/trademark. Colors allow you recognize a brand non-verbally W8: What is unique about the trademarks/ logos you chose? Yellow and blue symbolize U of M W9: How does the trademark/ logo relate to the type of business it represents?

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