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Q2-05 New marketing techniques or strategies, are being used to sell more products. In this article, shoe inserts called MagnaSoles, have been made to comfort the user using five forms of pseudoscience. This article easily reveals the stupidity of consumers, and how docile they are. The use of satire in this article are based off those five forms and the two consumer feedbacks at the end. Pseudoscience is a collection of theories, beliefs, or practices that have no foundation in science, but have been suggested or considered to be. Consumers are bound to fall for such clever yet deceitful techniques used in this article. One technique, is the amount of detail that goes into each explanation of the five forms. Knowing that the information provided to us is directly from doctors, one must think that the product is genuine. In all honesty, most of the products bought today feature groundbreaking discoveries made by scientists and doctors, so without a doubt, this is the best way to snatch the money out of people’s wallets. The explanations are very descriptive, we learn these five forms of pseudoscience, how they are implemented into this product, and how that benefits us. The article has everything it needs to convince consumers into buying this product, we think they know what they’re talking about, instead of questioning anything, we just nod our heads and go with it, because, who can deny such an explanation, right? The most ludicrous explanation we get, is Terranometry, the last pseudoscience discussed in the article. The principles of Terranometry state, that one’s body will suffer if his or hers foot frequency is out of alignment with the Earth’s. Special resonator nodules implanted into the MagnaSoles convert the user’s energy to match the Earth’s vibrational rate, which then converts pain-nuclei into pleasing comfortrons. The names pain-nuclei and

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