Q. Write a Story Which Includes the Sentence: 'Right! That's It! You Have Been Late Too Often'.

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The alarm tinkled as I woke up with a start. My eyes were blinded by the quilt while the arms were outstretched wanting to pulverize the buzzing object. I got hold of it and smacked it to the floor. What a stubborn thing it was, it still continued to chime. I poked my head out of the quilt. Good gracious! I had just shattered my invaluable sunglasses to pieces! At that moment, my mobile phone rang up. A peculiar creepy voice spoke. "Hey Haris, the training session has been deferred to 12.p.m. Be there at the venue sharp at 11.55." Without another word, the boy cut off the phone. I checked the call log and realized that it was John. He was my arch-rival who shared common desires with me and he too, had a craving desire to get into the school football team. 'How could he be so piteous to inform me with the proceedings of the day?' Questions reverberated in my mind, as I again made my way to the cozy bed. Nature had programmed me to sleep tirelessly and that's what I reckoned was the most suitable thing to do at that moment. I slept again! Glancing at my watch with bleary eyes, I was flabbergasted when it showed 11.30 a.m.! I jumped out of bed, took a quick wash up, dressed into my sports robes and having no time for breakfast, I scurried out to hail a taxi. Fortunately, there were a few around and I was soon on my way to the training venue. Today was the last day of selection and I could not afford to be left out. Football was my passion, my profession and the only field where I could flourish. It was more than just a game. Being a notorious student, I had never been competent in academics and my career relied on my strength in this game. I had been late too often in the previous days and in case it happened today, our despotic soccer trainer would out-rightly refuse my inclusion in the team. As I wallowed in these miserable thoughts, the taxi came to an abrupt

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