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Pythagorean Quadratic Essay

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  • on April 26, 2014
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Running Head: PYTHAGOREAN QUADRATIC Pythagorean Quadratic We wonder why we need to know algebra in the real world. Everywhere we look and everything we do, some form of algebra is used. As some forms of algebra is used to track spending, other forms help in building homes and other types of buildings. Basically anything geometric. It even helps us navigate around in our neighborhood, in the city, and is important


while hiking in the woods. The purpose of this paper, is to understand how one can navigate their whereabouts and find the buried treasure on a treasure hunt in the assigned word problem. We have two friends, each having one half of the treasure map, realize that they need to work together to be able to locate the buried treasure. In order to solve the whereabouts of the treasure, we will be using a formula known as the Pythagorean theorem that measures the distance between points on the map. Locating the buried treasure will be solved in a step by step process of a quadratic equation by the squaring of binomials, factoring and the use of the zero factor property, use of the subtraction property and the FOIL method. The following vocabulary words will help to explain the process: Quadratic, Zero factor, Pythagorean Theorem, and Compound equation. The two friends in the word problem, each have half of the information in order to find the buried treasure will involve using the Pythagorean Theorem. Ahmed’s half of the treasure map, indicates that the treasure is buried somewhere in the desert 2x + 6 paces from Castle Rock. Vanessa’s half of the treasure map signifies that in order for her to find the treasure, she must walk x paces to the north from Castle Rock, and then walk 2x + 4 paces to the east. Ahmed and Vanessa decided to share their information, so they can find x and save a lot of digging. How many paces is x?

Running Head: PYTHAGOREAN QUADRATIC According to the map, the direction Ahmed should...

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