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Discussion#2 In this case study, social role is portrayed when Marilyn plays the role of a mother or concerned wife towards her father. Goes by his house and checks up on him, buys him grocery and takes care of him like a mother or wife would. In the letter Jack writes to his deceased wife, he expressed that his daughter is trying to cure him. She buys her dad new decaffeinated coffee which is better for his heatlh. Jack reaction to his daughter concern for his health, represents the role of a child. At the end of the case study Jack resumes his independence as an adult by stating he will buy his won coffee. Discussion#3 In this case study, Erik Erikson experiences an identity crisis because he felt like a stranger in his own culture. His biological father (who was Scandinavian) abandoned him before he was even born. He grew up thinking that his step-father (who was Jewish) was his actual father. However physically he didn’t look like a Jew, he was blond, had blue eyes and grew flagrantly tall. Erikson identified himself in the case study as different things during different stages in his life. During puberty when his differences were more apparent his classmate identified him as a “Jew”, while his stepfather’s temple referred to him as a “goy”. Then during World War I, he tried to be a good German chauvinist but he became a “Dane” when Denmark remained neutral. At the end of the case study Erikson identified himself a “Bohemian”. Throughout his life he has identified and has been identified with different things and this all stemmed from his childhood experience of being “different.” Discussion#4 In this case study, the man is showing is support by being present throughout the entire labor process but at the same time his recollection on how lengthy the process was showed lack of understanding the actual process of labor. His complaints of how long the

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