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1. In my opinion both paths of persuasion are used in both sides of the Global Warming Case. The central route to persuasion is used directly in this case in more ways than the peripheral. There have been many films and documentaries about Global Warming including a very persuasive one by Al Gore. This film presented many arguments, graphs, and information. All this was presented by people who seem reputable and knowledgeable. This in turn lead to the central route of persuasion by definition. According to Myers in our text, Social Psychology (2010) if people are motivated by strong arguments people will be motivated to think about the issue. Myers Believes the central route to persuasion “occurs when people focus on the arguments and respond with favorable thoughts.” (p. 232) Hydrocarbon producers tend to try to use the same tactics to persuade people that they are environmentally friendly. They have their own information presented in their own ways. They tend to focus on how much they are doing to be environmentally responsible while not talking about how much actual hydrocarbon they are producing in their factories. The second path of peripheral persuasion is also being used to persuade in the Global warming case. Peripheral persuasion is based off of cues. These cues are able to persuade people by not even putting much thought in. Al Gore was able to use perceived expertise and present the case with credibility. He is someone who is trusted and seems to have many values that Americans agree on. Hydrocarbon producers understand that the masses have been persuaded to believe that all big businesses are greedy and not to be trusted. This is why these producers try to do the same as the environmentalist by hiring and appointing people that seem credible, knowledgeable and family value oriented. 2. The tobacco example is a very great example

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