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Department of Adult and Community Education Course Title: The Philosophy of Adult Education Module Code: AD 502 Lecturer: Fergal Finnegan Student Name Student Number Dermot O Boyle 11250325 During the course of this assignment this essay will outline and critically evaluate the major aspects of my philosophy of education by examining the ideas of perhaps one of the most influential thinkers of education, Paulo Freire. The essay will identify the influence of Freirean thinking in my pedagogy and by examining and critiquing relevant education experiences I will demonstrate the contribution of aspects of Freire’s work and also its limitations. I have been teaching in formal capacity for five years and it is only during this module that I have questioned myself on what education philosophy is. Reflecting on this time, I can recognize the approach to education that I have used, a sense of equity or level playing field for all. An inclusive learning approach that has seeked to get the best from the participants but also to ensure that knowledge was imparted and learned based on the curriculum of the subject being taught in the formal institution. It is through the reading that I have taken during this module that recognition of a philosophy of education has occurred. I have recognised many similarities in his approach in the democratic and progressive teachings of John Dewey and Nell Noddings and perhaps that is an area that the author would ultimately seek to emulate. But based on my experiences of learning and teaching to date the thinker I most identify with is Paulo Freire. Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, first published in the U.K. in 1972, outlined Freire’s educational philosophy. It identified that the process of education can create critical and

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