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After homework and chore is done my 9 and 11 year-old are only allowed to play for half an hour on the weekdays. On the weekends they can only play for two hours per day after their chore is done. They are on a timer. Once the timer rings it means "time's up!" My parents allowed me to play with video games without a time limit when I was around 9 and 11 year-old. According to Baumrind's parenting style it seems that my wife and I are authoritative since we are very restrictive and controlling, but at the same time are warm and responsive to our children. We give them reasons why we enforce rules and guidelines and most of the time they seem to accept the answers. I would consider my parents as having rejecting-neglecting parental style since they weren't strict or controlling and they didn't respond and gave me little warmth. Most of the time when I was growing up the au pair would be strict and very little warmth making her very authoritarian. My wife and/or I would make sure his or her homework is done. We would be with them and involved in their homework until it is done. We would also know the assignments ahead of the time since we would have consistent close contact with the math teacher. If our child rebels or refuses to do their homework we would punish them and still make sure their homework is done in time. Reward is given at the end of the week knowing that all homework is done on time. If we see consistency in the coming months then we would micromanagement less. If there is very little improvement in focusing in class then I would seek supportive resources from school as well as outside of school. I think that this approach still makes me categorized as being authoritative since I try to control the situation and still give a warm response if the behavior becomes positive. Most of my life my parents seem they were the epitome of having

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