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Social and Developmental Psychology – Social Cognition LOOK ON THE VLE FOR READING LIST Early theorists (bartlett) suggested that people played a small role in the making of actual reality. We aren't capable of responding to everything, so we simply perceive the information, attempt to process it and respond, he suggested we are controlled by external forces. (Neisser) argues that our understnading of the world is complex and not machanistic. We construct complex model through effortful thought. Information processing. Social cognition – how people think about themselves and the social world, or how people select, interpret, remember and usesocial information to make judgements and decisions. I.e basically how we think think of the world as individuals. Social cognition alters how we interpret information about ourselves (known as the intrapersonal world) and other people (interpersonal world) Social cognition is the way in which people select information and use it to make judgements about people around them. Controlled (intentional) Vs Automatic (unintentional). -automatic is a behaviour which occurs unintentionally without effort. Where as Controlled – is an action which takes place deliberately as direct consequence of the power of the conscious mind. We make sense of the particular things using mental representations which represent the knowlegde about contact or types of stimulus, including the situational attributes and relations to these attributes. We used, Schemas, Categorisation and heuristics. These in bold represent automatic thinking. We are able to form impressions of people quickly with automatic thinking and use it to navigate ew situations without a too in depth analysis of what we are doing or what is happening around us. We also use this to make sense of pobjects people and place and asses it to how similar that they are to other objects

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