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+Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care P1: Design and produce an information booklet that explains the six principal psychological perspectives. First in this assignment I have decided to describe the six principal of psychological perspectives and fist I am going to explain first perspectives which is behaviourist perspective which involved how the theories of classical conditioning and operant conditioning can be applied in health and social care settings that deal with challenging or changing behaviour. Perspectives 1: • Behaviourist perspective: Behaviourist Theory According to Crittenden, et al. (2005) behaviour is learnt through seeing what someone else does. This can be explained further through the experiment of classical conditioning. Classical Conditioning was developed by Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov used the experiment of dogs and food so as to measure the levels of salivation that a dog produced when food had been related with the assistant. He developed this experiment when he noticed that the dog was starting to salivate at the sight of the bowl of the food and not the taste. He decided to experiment further and he introduced a bell which was the neutral stimulus, it had no effect at the start but when he rang the bell when he brought the food to the dogs they started to associate the food (which made them salivate) with the bell. Now that classical conditioning had taken place the dogs would salivate at the sound of the bell which was now the conditioned stimulus. [pic] Another form of learning was shown in operant conditioning or reinforcement. This type of leaning was introduced by B.F. Skinner. He was famous for discovering the Skinner box, in which he used rats to show reinforcement, both positive and negative. The Skinner box involved in a control and a food distributer in which if the rat

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