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Introduction Urban dynamics are forces generating change in urban areas. The urban dynamic operating in the suburb of Pyrmont is Urban Consolidation. Urban consolidation is a policy designed to increase population density in already build up areas, in inner and middle suburbs, by constructing medium to high density housing. Urban Consolidation can be associated with Urban Renewal and Gentrification. Urban Renewal is upgrading parts of the city through redevelopment, and Gentrification involves wealthier people moving in to the area, renovating and restoring old inner-city areas evident in Harris Street Ultimo. Urban renewal and gentrification appeal to the demographic and encourage people to move within the area there for helping with the process of Urban Consolidation. The dynamic of Urban consolidation has been promoted by governments as a means of slowing urban sprawl and making greater use of existing urban infrastructure, urban consolidation is a successful way to slow urban sprawl, but there is always going to be negatives against Urban Consolidation due to the threat it has to the character and the community feeling it imposes on the area. Nature Pyrmont Ultimo is one of the fastest growing areas of Sydney, located in the inner city, on the western fridge of the CBD. Pyrmont-Ultimo is one of the oldest suburbs and was an example of an unused area, consisting of industrial wasteland and urban blight due to the location of industries being moved to outer suburbs. The re-development of Pyrmont-Ultimo was a part of a government program, which in turn was part of the ‘better cities’ program, a long term program initiated in 1991. It aimed to strengthen the partnership between the three spheres of government, the private sector and the community. The City West Urban Renewal program set out to transform the old maritime and industrial area into a lively inner

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