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The processes of urban growth and decline refer to the increase and decrease of population within urban areas due to employment, accommodation and access to adequate transport. The aim of this research plan is to investigate how, through the process of Urban renewal, governments and groups such as SHFA, City of Sydney Council and the Federal Government have improved the quality of life for Pyrmont residents within the last century (approx). Pyrmont is an example of an area where groups and government have played an important part in urban renewal through providing employment, transport, accommodation and lifestyle options, which ? urban resident’s quality of life. Changing Urban Morphology: The changing urban of morphology, or shape and of Sydney has been changing, as it does in every city. The primary reason for this is Sydney being an emerging world city, as it gains global financial and cultural dominance, is population of fewer than 8 million barring it from being a world city at the moment. To facilitate Sydney’s transition it has undergone economic restructuring, with the growth of services and decline of industry. Industry in the old CIA was suburbanised, which was possible due to large transport corridors and trucking. Once this had happened, purpose built buildings In the CIA entered a state of urban decay (a human process of decline). To combat this, the government and agencies promoted human processes of growth, including adaptive reuse, which led to urban consolidation, and then urban renewal and growth. It is in the investigated suburb of Pyrmont that the changing urban morphology of Sydney can be seen (amongst other places). Pyrmont past and present: Pyrmont is a suburb in the former CIA, about 1.5 km SW of the CBD, and covers___kmsq. In the early 1900s in the suburb’s industrial heyday, its population was about 30 000, mostly of a low to medium

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