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POWERS OF PYRAMID It’s well known that ancient Egyptian pyramid structures serves as the tomb of kings and queens but other than those known facts, here let us dig in to the secret powers hidden in them. Before exploring the pyramid powers let us make clear what’s inside those huge structures. Inside them we find many fascinating things, other than mummies and the treasure of jewelry. All the royal things and stuffs used by pharaoh such as the thrown with valuable stones, vessels, dresses and much more. As they believe that there is life after death, the pyramid was filled with all the things pharaoh would need in their next life. Writings inside the pyramids were in hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptian written language. Pyramids are built between 1000BC and 2700BC. It is reveled from examining the bones found the pyramids that the workers had hurt a lot and many had bent spinal columns. The men pulled the blocks of limestone up a ramp. The ramps were extended as and when the pyramids got taller so that the ramps wouldn’t get too steep. Twenty men were needed to pull just one block up the ramp that may weight at least 3 tons. The size of the pyramids varies greatly. It could reach up to forty stories high and the Great Pyramid of Giza is 480 feet high and 756 feet on each side which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Another giant pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Cheops, which is forty-eight stories high and covers an area of ten football grounds. About 2.5 million blocks were used and it took nearly twenty years to build it. Mummies were made by embalmer following a special technique .They would first remove brain by taking small pieces of it through nose. Then, a slit would be cut to take out liver, stomach, and intestines using special tools. These organs were placed in natron(natural salt) to preserve them. After a couple of days, the

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