A Pyramid And Its Pharaoh

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Starting from the top of painting there is a yellow cloud like shape with an orange circle towards the right side of the painting under the cloud shape there are two strips of “scenes”. The strip right below the cloud shape consists of a grayish pyramid shape in the middle, almost like the focal point, and a brownish colored boulder to the left. To the right of the pyramid starts a vertical strip of a color spectrum starting with bright orange and working its way down to blue. The second strip consists of a human-like figure directly under the pyramid, then under the boulder of the first strip is another boulder, nut bigger in size. This strip is painted with brighter colors other then the small hints of dark for shading purposes. The strip also contains the color spectrum as the spectrum continues to the bottom of the painting. There is texture within the painting, but it seems to only come from the canvas. In Egyptian times the Egyptians would bury their dead Pharaohs inside pyramids. Along with Pharaoh, his wife, and most prized possessions would be buried as well to make sure the Pharaoh is at peace in the after life. I believe the Luis Eades has depicted this in his painting. He paints a pyramid with what seems to be a person underneath. He places him underneath to show he has passed away and has been buried. The way he uses softer lines to make the man reinforces that he has passed away. The softer lines make him look like a ghost-like figure. Along with the figure being under the pyramid there is a color spectrum that represents a thermometer. The further up the thermometer the hotter more alive things are, represented by the oranges and yellows used and the further down things get colder like the dead represented by the blue. Because of the contrast of the bright colors against the dull colors of the painting; the spectrum becomes the main focal point.

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