Pygmalion Essay

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A new old story The aim of this essay is to talk about a book called Pygmalion written by George Bernard Shaw. It´s written as a play and even though at first sight this book could sound like a common Mexican soap opera, there are some aspects in the plot that make the difference and some others that are worth mentioning in this text such as the way the plot is developed, Eliza becoming the new ladylike Miss Doolittle, the way it registers some characteristics of English society in those years. A very remarkable aspect in the plot is that the main thing that Eliza has to change is her accent vocabulary and tone of voice, actually it´s interesting how the author tries to capture the essence of Eliza’s accent not just by registering a possible transcription to her pronunciation but by including a transcription of the way Eliza shouted which is something I just was not able to reproduce in my mind. It´s also very funny how the “fairy godmother” is transmigrated into a pair of linguistic investigators and the way the personality of those characters is so different that seems to be the opposite but at the same time makes them a very interesting and witty duo. The environment and essence of the age is interestingly reflected in the descriptions of the room´s furniture and clothes, which is quite logical since it is a play, we can also observe the early use of technology in linguistic investigations by Pickering and Higgins. I felt that the story could have been longer but it would have been a problem because it is a play, there were situations that would have been interesting to observe in a more detailed way, such as the improvement of Eliza’s speech, because it was just so sudden. There were also some other characters that I would have liked to be more developed within the plot, for example Freddy and his family which were a hilarious representation of mid

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