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PYC4807 – Assignment 01 581822 Developing a Psychological Assessment Measure Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Steps in Developing a Psychological Measure Introduction The development of a psychological measure is costly and often a significant amount of time which involves quite a few steps. A lot of importance is placed on the reliability and validity of such an assessment measure. Another important fact in developing a measure would be to take into consideration cross cultural differences given that we live in country / world filled with such diversity. A psychological test requires careful planning. All items need to be written as well as reviewed. This is only but the beginning of the process of a psychological assessment test. A more in depth explanation will follow. Steps in Developing a Psychological Assessment Measure Phase 1 Planning – This phase consists of three specific steps, namely, Specify the aim of the measure – what is being measured, why is it being measured, who is the test intended for, can this test be administered to groups or individuals only, is this measure paper or computer based? Content of Measure – The content of measure is directly related to the purpose of measure (ch 6, pg71, Foxcroft 4th ed) The purpose for which this measure is taken must be taken into consideration. On most occasions, a developer does not just use one approach Test Plan – Stimulus is what the test-taker responds to and mechanism is for response. There are many ways test items are formulated, eg, open-ended items, forced-choice items, sentence completion items, performance based items, etc. These test items are what provide the stimulus and guide the test-takers response accordingly. Naturally the test needs to be adapted in a way that is most suitable. With
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