Prosocial Behaviour Essay

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Table of Contents • Introduction • Prosocial behaviour is the outcome of multiple factors o Cultural factors o Socialisation of prosocial behaviour within the family o The child’s individual characteristics • Conclusion o Conclusion of the discussion o Does my research support or refute the findings discussed above • Resources Introduction According to the Psychology Glossary on Allydog ( prosocial behaviour can be defined as: ‘Prosocial behaviour refers to the phenomenon of people helping each other with no thought of reward or compensation.’ Someone is simply not just born to be prosocial. As stated in tutorial letter PYC4805/101 ‘Prosocial behaviour is the outcome of multiple... factors’ (Eisenberg…show more content…
Prosocial behaviour is the outcome of multiple factors Two siblings with the same cultural background, same home environment often shows two different levels of prosocial behaviour. This is just one of many examples that show each person/ child is unique in regard to prosocial behaviour. Therefore we can not only focus on one or two factors, but rather on multiple factors. Cultural factors Different cultures have different ways of teaching their children behaviour. Certain behaviour in on culture can be seen as ‘n nice gesture where in another culture it can be seen as rude. A simple example of this is when people wait at the door for someone else to enter first. Most western cultures see this as good manners, but some African cultures believe that if you walk first through the door, you are actually placing yourself at risk – if any enemy of danger should be waiting on the other side. Therefore walking first is a form of respect for the rest? Christianity teaches people to be good, to do merciful deeds in such a way that the left hand does not know what the right hand does. (Matthews
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