Pyc3705 – Transformative Counselling Encounters Notes Essay

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PYC3705 – TRANSFORMATIVE COUNSELLING ENCOUNTERS Hosting counselling encounters * Checking in = making an appointment and beginning the counselling encounter * Preparation: * External: - Room (warm, inviting, conducive) * (counselling under a tree) * Watch, tape-recorder (permission), pen + paper, tissues * Privacy * Physical security * Internal - Knowing yourself (non-negotiable for counsellors) * Personal issues (work out beforehand) * Risk and scope – ascertain whether you are in a position to accept working with the prospective client. (Some services have procedures to check with client re their preferences: age, gender, language, sexual orientation etc) * Contracting = explicit discussion + agreement + terms of engagement * Briefly describe nature of service * Checking and verifying client expectations * Appointment times * Cancellation policies * How to handle (eg)bumping into client in supermarket) * Length, frequency, estimate no of required sessions * Confidentiality and its limits * Determining a goal and setting a psychological contract * Risk assessment is performed and referrals to other service provided if necessary * Presence = qualities of non-possessive empathy * Congruence * Realness * Genuineness * Non-possessive warmth and acceptance * Reflection = tapping into the ‘here and now’ * Listening and sensing = hosting a conversation that evokes and listens to the client’s story * Verbal and non-verbal attending * Verbal skills: - reflecting feelings * Empathy * Paraphrasing *

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