Pyc3705 Assignment One Essay

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Bianca Lavery 51511797 | PYC3705 | | Assignment one 229425 | | Bianca Lavery 51511797 | | | Deciding on which community centre to engage with for this assignment was not a difficult decision for me. In my community we have a Rape Crisis Centre that is very active, I had already read and heard much about them and so was initially excited to be engaging with such a well run and thriving community centre. This centre is located at our local community hospital, and therefore I had observed it before was already aware of what services the centre offered. We had also had presentations from Rape Crisis at our local school, so I was aware of what the centre was, what services it offered and what area of counselling it covered. However, deciding on how to approach the centre was not as easy for me, I felt unnerved and anxious about approaching the centre as I knew how well this centre was run, what important work they were doing and how precious time was to each of the staff members. Using the principles of reflection, taught to me in chapter one of the study guide, I realized my anxiety originated from me not wanting to take up time from the staffs important work, as well as I had formed the impression that the staff would be too busy to have time for a student researching the centre. Engaging with this centre and the type of work they are doing was also unsettling for me, as this was a new environment for me to enter, and this was causing me to feel intimidated and out of my comfort zone. I was also aware that I was about to interact and engage with new people from different backgrounds and cultures, and I felt unsure as to how I should behave so as to not show any disrespect to the staff members or clients. Once I had reflected on this, I drew from some of my past experiences of meeting new people, such as when I moved to another province for a

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