Pyc3705 Essay

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Assignment 1 Question 1: My organisation of choice, for future engagement, is The Family Life Centre. Information about The Family Life Centre: The Johannesburg Marriage Guidance Society was established in 1949 in the response to the increasing amounts in divorces and family breakdown. In 1978 the Johannesburg Marriage Guidance Society merged with The Youth Advice Bureau and in 1979 the name was changed to The Family Life Centre. The Family Life Centre was the first to host Trauma Counselling and Employee Support Services to companies in South Africa. The Family Life Centre is connected to the National office Families in South Africa. Each of the 27 offices is autonomous with their own executive committees and directors and each office is responsible for their own funding. The mission of The Family Life Centre: The mission of The Family Life Centre is to encourage and sustain satisfying relationships within individuals, families, marriages and community life for all people of South Africa. Work is carried out throughout Soweto, Diepsloot, Noordgesig, Westbury, Newclare, Bosmoth, Ennerdale, Alexandra and Ivory Park. Training courses and counselling services are offered to these communities as well as the City Centre and those reached by the Parkwood offices. The range of services is aimed to enhance the personal skills of individuals assisting them to manage their lives, improve their relationships and make a contribution towards developing their communities and society. The philosophy of The Family Life Centre: Several, community based programmes, ranging from support groups for teenage mothers and HIV/Aids positive people, to self help and income generating groups, rape, child abuse and violence awareness, student and adult
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