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PYC3705/201/1/2015 Tutorial Letter 201/1/2015 Transformative Counselling Encounters PYC3705 Semester 1 Department of Psychology Feedback on Assignment 01 Bar code Dear Student We, once more, welcome you to the Transformative Counselling Encounters module. In this tutorial letter, we provide you with feedback on Assignment 01 and guide you on how it was evaluated. We have received feedback that students are enjoying Transformative Counselling Encounters module. We have also received comments from students that they are already deriving benefit from interacting with the experiential activities and assignments in the module and are looking forward to applying some of the newly acquired skills and principles in their everyday lives. The following messages from some of our current and previous students attest to this: “…I have loved this entire module, and the practical aspect within the assignment portion, has permanently added to my own set of skills”. “…I am also 54 years old and have had many experiences that have led up to this counselling course and indeed this course has powerfully impacted me in my growth process”. “Let me just take the time to praise you & your department on the 3rd year PYC modules offered, all of which were incredible. None more so than Transformative Counselling Encounters, which I found to be a refreshing take on learning with regards to the concepts explained. I'm sure new students registered for this course will enjoy it every bit as much”. We hope that all of you have had an enriching experience studying this module thus far. There are a few matters that this tutorial letter aims to cover, namely, to: 1. 2. 3. Discuss the experiential tasks and activities Discuss the reflective journal Provide feedback on Assignment 01. The experiential tasks and exercises Our module is based on the principles of experiential
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