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PWCS 33 1.1 Diversity is a range of social, cultural, language and different ethnic backgrounds. Working with men and women, people with different types of ability and disability, individuals speak different languages and who have different cultural traditions. Equality is giving each person the appropriate opportunities to receive care and treatment. Having choice and to make decisions to the best of their abilities and interest. Valuing people as individuals is important in promoting equality of opportunities. Inclusion is ensuring that people have access to available services and activities as well as a full range of services and facilities available Discrimination is judging people because of gender, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, race, ethnicity, language, nationality or other personal characteristics and discriminating against then because of these differentness, treating them different, different treatment of care. 1.2 The potential effects of discrimination can be different for different people. The effects can be physical, emotional or a combination of both such as Disempowerment, Low self-esteem and self-identity and even negative behaviours including aggression and criminality., poor appetite, a change in eating habits, sleeplessness, loss/gain of weight, lack of personal hygiene and lack of energy. the emotional effects may be low self esteem, lack of confidence, feeling unwanted, insecurity, becoming withdrawn, depression/stress, anxiety, sudden change in behaviour. The social effects may be isolation, lack of friends, becoming withdrawn, unrecognised as an individual, feel like a stranger and inability to build relationships.1.3 Promote equality and in diversity by assessing the individual needs. Also by gaining knowledge before working with the individual, and with the use of a pre assessment. This also

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