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1. Two fifty-foot ropes are suspended from a forty-foot ceiling twenty feet apart. You have only a knife. How much of the rope can you steal? 2. How long is the answer to this question? (think aterally/creatively) 3. For a perfect breakfast, a person decides to boil an egg exactly 15 minutes. She has two hourglasses - one for 7 minutes, another for 11. How should she go about preparing her breakfast? How many times will she have to turn the hourglasses? 1. How can she do this with the minimal required number of hourglass turns? 2. What is the quickest time and procedure for her to prepare breakfast? 4. We have 12 coins and a balance. Eleven Coins are of the same weight, but one coin differs in weight. You may perform three weighing to find out which coin has a different weight. How should you do these three experiments to find it out? 5. Given 21 coins, one of which weighs slightly more than the others, and a two-plate scale, how many weighing are necessary to determine the heavier coin? What if there are 200 coins, among which there is again one coin slightly heavier than the others are. How many weighing are necessary now? Finally, given n coins and a two-plate scale, how many weighing are necessary to find the heavier coin? 6. A woman steps to the edge of a very high building, & as people look on, she leaps off, & falls several stories. The woman is not injured. Why? Hint: The woman did not fall on cushions or any other type of softened surface, & was not wearing a parachute. 7. Find the no. of people in the picture! [pic] 8. You have two uneven pieces of rope, each of which takes exactly one hour to burn. Since the ropes are uneven, half the rope need not burn in half an hour. All you know is that the entire rope will burn in one hour. You need to measure exactly 45 minutes. How? 9. Language: Find an English word

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