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“Putting America First” The two cartoons in which this paper will be written about both seem to have the same general theme going on. The first one, “America First” shows an older lady with two children reading a book titled Adolf the Wolf and the children looked frightened. The second cartoon is, “The Lucky One” showing the American in his own bed and then on the other side of the room there are about five contagious Europeans crammed into another bed. For the most part it looks like the artist is trying to portray that Germany and Europe in general are from a totem pole stance lower than the United States. Both cartoons were drawn by Dr. Seuss and it seems that he is shooting for a general audience of just U.S. citizens, not necessarily any age group. All in all these cartoons are definitely done around the same time frame, because they seem to be sending about the same message. Along with that the cartoons both appear to provide the viewer with the same purpose and intention, and that being to make the U.S. look better than Europe. Basing all of this around what was going on across seas during this time. From looking at both cartoons it seems that the artist Dr. Seuss was trying to put an emphasis on how much stuff was going on in Europe, and hopefully gain an appreciation and loyalty from the Americans during this time. German and he shows this through symbolism, personification, as well as exaggeration The first thing that stuck out while viewing these cartoons was the symbolism that Dr. Seuss incorporated in the two pieces. Symbolism is a very powerful language tool, because it forces the reader to read into what is going on in the picture and put things together on their own instead of blatantly putting the intended meaning. In the cartoon “America First” the first thing that I saw was that the woman’s shirt said like the title, “America First”. This

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