Put on Your Aprons, Men! Essay

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Growing up in Ireland during my childhood, I watched as my parents both left for work, each wishing the other a nice day as they went their separate ways to work. It was highly unusual for either my mother or my father not to go to work five days a week, unless they were ill. After moving to the United States in 2004, my parents remained employed with steady careers, working as vigorously as they did in Ireland; however, as I got older, my father began going to work less frequently. Eventually, as the recession hit in the United States in 2007, he had lost his job completely, leaving him with nothing to do but hope that this crisis would soon be averted so that he could get back to doing the only thing he has ever known how to do- work. Seeing my father as a stay-at-home dad gave me a whole new meaning to the term “men”. Men are the ‘tough’ ones out in this society- straining themselves every day at work just so that they can financially support their families (or to fuel their drug and alcohol addictions- I am not here to judge). It wasn’t until December of 2007, however, when this order of men being dominant forces began to take a slight turn in another direction. When thinking about a traditional household, it is oftentimes thought that a woman stays at home cleaning the house, preparing the meals, and taking care of the children while the father is away at work essentially earning the income for his family. That was exactly the case in most traditional American homes- the men were the bread winners and the females were merely the caretakers of the homes, although certainly there were women who went to work. In today’s society, the tables have turned in regards to who the real bread winners are. With the rate of women in work and men ultimately making peace with taking on the role of a ‘house-spouse’, the eventual societal change has a huge impact on the males
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