Pushing the Way to Greatness Essay

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Pushing the Way to Greatness Many people wish to accomplish something amazing in their lives. The only way for them to reach their goals is to overcome obstacles by using fortitude and putting their potential to good use. King Henry V faced many hindrances on his quest for greatness, but he used willpower and strength of mind to conquer all that blocked his way. King Henry aspired to be a wonderful and influential king and he had the potential to be one. Although he had many limitations and obstacles, he somehow managed to rise above all that and succeed. Not only did he overcome his hardship, he managed to use them to his benefit. Shakespeare's historical play “The Life of King Henry V” is an excellent example of a hero overstepping barriers to reach their objective. Henry V's reasoning for invading France was unclear but there was no evidence in the play to suggest that he did it because he was greedy for power or had a lust for land. He wanted to taken seriously; he wanted to be a king worth remembering. Henry went to war to prove himself to be powerful and kingly. By challenging the French King, he was showing everyone that he was a force to contend with. Henry also was willing to go the extra mile: he disguised himself and mingled with his troops. He did this to find what they thought so he could know how they felt and how to inspire them. “More will I do; Though all that I can do is nothing worth, since that my penitence comes after all, Imploring pardon.” (Shakespeare, “The Life of King Henry V”, Act 4 Scene 1). King Henry says this in a soliloquy after anonymously talking to his soldiers. He cared about his people and he used that to make himself a better ruler and leader. Also, King Henry showed how he did not play the favoritism game when he had his former friend hung. Some might say that what he did was heartless, but it was actually very fair. This

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