Push and Pull Factors

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The new world; to many it was the only form of freedom from the European lifestyle, but to all others it was nothing but a huge uncertain future. People have disputed the many reasons on why the Europeans have come to the new world during the early European migrations, but these reasons can be separated into what is known as the push and pull factors. From land scarceness to political/religious executions and freedom to redemption, push and pull factors have shaped the new world, but the question of which factors had the most impact still remains. Within the content of this essay both factors will be reviewed in depth to find out the most significant push and pull factors. A push factor is a force that makes somebody want to leave their current country or location due to unsatisfiable conditions. A list of these factors include outdated living conditions, famine or drought, political/religious persecution, economic poverty, over population/land scarceness and natural disasters. The main push factors of human migration are land scarceness, political/religious persecution, and economic poverty. While each of these factors has greatly impacted the flow of immigration, there can only be one that made the greatest impact. In Europe the Catholic Church was the greatest power, but many who did not approve of the churches ways were forced to either move or stay silent. Knowing that in the new world men could follow any religion, people moved to escape the powers of the church, and this is possibly the main push factor that brought people to the new world. A pull factor is a condition about a country that attracts people to immigrate there. A list of pull factors are better security, educational options, better living/job conditions, political or religious freedom, and freedom of a reputation of the old world. Pull factors have greatly constituted to the
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