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The Struggle of Young Girls born in Poor Circumstances Although Precious Jones of the book PUSH and Celie from The Color Purple are two different young women growing up in two different times they have an extremely lot in common. Most of these similarities are caused by one common factor, both of these girls were born into poor environments with bad circumstances that they had no control of. When I say poor I do not mean in a since of economic status but that it lacked the vitals needed to raise a successful and happy child. They were both two girls that where too young to experience these types of unfortunate girls that were caught in the perversion of the adults surrounding them. When comparing and contrasting these two characters, you will notice that the majority of their misfortunes are can be traced back to their environment and circumstances. Rape and abuse is a common and reoccurring theme that both of these books share. Celie and Precious Jones were both raped by their fathers and ironically both had two children by their respective fathers. One difference major different was that Celie’s father took away the children, on the other hand Precious was forced to face and raise her children. Both of which were products of rape. It is also noted that Precious was raped and abused by both of her parents. In both cases there was nothing that neither of them could do to prevent the misfortunate events. It was just a terrible situation that they were born into. This mistreatment caused mental infliction to both girls. In Celie’s case rape and unwanted sex from both her father and her husband led to her attempting to avoid men all together. The avoidance eventually led to homosexuality. On the other hand Precious had constant struggle with herself. On page 53 Precious says “I hear TVs I hear rap music I want something to eat I want fuck feeling from Daddy I

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