Pursuit Of An Mba Essay

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Oftentimes I have wondered, is the way I perceive myself the same way others perceive me? More often than not, the self perception we may have differs greatly from those that surround us. While we may believe we are contemplative and someone who thinks before they act, others may see that we are in fact the exact opposite, acting on impulse and with aggressiveness. The way in which others view us, is important, particularly in the workplace. According to Robbins, “The world as it is perceived is the world that is behaviorally important” (2007). Personality tests give us the opportunity to “know” ourselves, and can therefore give us insight into how others may or may not perceive us. After assessing myself using the Jungian Type-16 Personality test, I have discovered that my self-perception is not as accurate as I thought it to be. Knowing this will assist me in developing further skills in pursuit of my MBA. The decision to pursue my MBA degree was influenced by several factors. One of the main factors was to gain the corporate knowledge it takes to be a successful manager and leader. My undergraduate degree and experience is in the biological science field. I have learned basic business concepts by being in the workplace after college graduation, but have very little managerial experience. There is still much for me to learn in order to enhance my knowledge and become more business savvy. I am hoping that after earning my MBA degree, I will have developed further understanding of business practices and be able to apply what I have learned in any future position I may hold. Another reason to pursue my MBA is to gain a sense of accomplishment that will set me apart from my peers. I have always considered myself to be one that is competitive in nature, comparing myself with others, and looking for ways I can improve, or be

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