Purpose of Religion Essay

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Since the beginning of mankind, humans have had a need to be part of something bigger. To constitute for this innate need to belong, humans have lived in societies and hunted in packs. We have come up with common languages to communicate. Loneliness is not a state which many humans desire. One of the biggest steps we have taken historically is to create religion. Most will disagree that religion was created by man, but from a historical point of view, modern organized religion was created by man, and it is merely a way for humans to come together and praise God. Religion is a way to make people feel as if they are part of something bigger. In other words, religion constitutes for people’s need to belong. If one was to research the history of religion, they would find that religion and God are in no way directly or indirectly associated. Upon freeing ourselves from the paradigm of organized religion, one would be free to define God in his/her own manner. “The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, and forgiveness.” (Dalai Lama XIV) The Dalia Lama claims that the sole purpose of religion is to teach us these moral values, but often religion can do more than that. Religion is a way of bringing people together, and although this may sound like a positive aspect to religion, it really isn’t. The problem is, when there are a variety of people with different mind sets attempting to interpret something, each person has a different understanding. This results in a spectrum of interpretations of God, and how He teaches us to live. Take the example of Jihad; if one was to ask a regular Muslim what Jihad means, they would say that it means to exert one’s best effort in some form of struggle. Jihad has been misinterpreted by some Muslims to mean some sort of ‘Holy War’, and this has caused many terrorist attacks in the

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