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Purpose Of Hrm Essay

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Impact of HR Practices on Employee Behavior and Performance


The organization has suffer some problems related to the employees .we discuss some problem such the   turnover is increases in the organization which has the bad impact on the organization reputation or the most talented people leave the firm shows the low performance or productivity of the organization. And second one is the decrease in HR capability (skills , knowledge, ability) .if our employee is not so much skill full ,they have no knowledge about our work ,and not able to do our work these things shows low performance and productivity.


We apply some HR Practices on employee to overcome these problems such as Reward system , pay structure to decrease turnover , training ,development to increase HR capability.

Reward system:

Employees are motivated by both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. To be effective, the reward system must recognize both sources of motivation. All reward systems are based on the assumptions of attracting, retaining and motivating people. Financial rewards are an important component of the reward system, but there are other factors that motivate employees and influence the level of performance. To ensure the reward system is effective and motivates the desired behaviors, it is essential to consider carefully the rewards and strategies utilized and ensure the rewards are linked to or based on performance. To be effective, any performance measurement system must be tied to compensation or some sort of reward. Rewarding performance should be an ongoing managerial activity, not just an annual pay.

Pay structure:

We make such type of pay structure which is help full for the employee and our pay structure is more competitive to other organization .If our pay structure is not better than the...

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