Purpose Of Going To Shopping Malls Essay

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Shopping malls originally purpose to get advantage from people. However, they have been changed their primal aim to different kinds of places for all generation. Most people go to a shopping mall not only for shopping, but also for spending time. During weekends people come with the families or the friends for shopping and fun in the shopping malls. The shopping mall is gradually utilized more like a resort. If you go to the shopping mall, you will see a lot of people walking around with their companies, and doing window-shopping or just talking. There are not many places where teenagers could go out with friends, but in the shopping mall, there are a lot of things we can do; the mall has movie theater, café, restaurant, different brands of clothes store, and even rollercoaster. “There are more shopping centers in the United States than movie theaters, school districts, hotels or hospitals”(Celum.) These days the malls have become a good source of entertainment for everyone. Therefore, the shopping mall is actually the best place for hanging out because mostly it is indoor mall with everything. For these reasons, people not only just spend time in the shopping mall, but live at there; it looks like they dedicate their time to the shopping mall. In addition, I also like to go to the shopping mall with my friends almost every weekend. Whenever I go there, I first have lunch in the mall, and walk around for nothing, but killing time. These factors make people anti-socialized because people just like to stay in the shopping mall and hate to do other social life. Even though the mall has not intended to be a monster because of making people anti-social, it has become a beast. However, in the shopping malls, people actually do social activity. For teenagers, the shopping mall is like their giant playground because they can do anything in the mall. If
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