Purpose of Bone

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Purpose Of BoneTo maintain structure to the body, to move the body, to protect other organs (bones are considered an organ), and to produce red and white blood cells, and to store minerals. | Structures Of Bones | How Bones Are JoinedJoints connect bones. There are many different types of joints, including: fixed joints such as in the skull, which consists of many bones. Hinged joints such as in the fingers and toes. Lastly the ball-and-socket joints such as the shoulders and hips.The human skeleton is made up of 206 bones. The places where bones are joined together are called joints. There are three types of joints, fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial. In fibrous joints the bones are connected by short fibrous tissue, or by longer fibrous tissue called ligaments. In cartilaginous joints the bones are connected by cartilage, a smooth elastic translucent tissue. Fibrous and cartilaginous joints are either immovable, or only slightly movable. In later years some of these joints completely ossify (are converted to solid bone material). The synovial joints are the most freely movable joints. In synovial joints a fluid containing joint cavity separates the bones. The opposing bone surfaces in the joint cavities are covered with a layer of cartilage. Outside the joint cavities ligaments connect the bones. In addition to being held together by ligaments, synovial joints are also stabilized by the muscles around the joints. | How Do They MoveWith a lot of help. You need muscles to pull on bones so that you can move. Along with muscles and joints, bones are responsible for you being able you move. Your muscles are attached to bones. When muscles contract, the bones to which they are attached act as levers and cause various body parts to move.You also need joints, which provide flexible connections between these bones. Your

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