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Purpose Essay The purpose I feel passionate about is helping youth who struggle with mental illness. I’ve chosen this because I know how difficult life can be when one has to deal with these challenges on a daily basis; in my case that is Social Anxiety and OCD. The way Social Anxiety has affected my life is that it has made it very difficult to have relationships with family and peers. I don’t participate in activities that I would have otherwise been involved in and just overall it keeps me from wanting to be out in the world. OCD has altered my life to the point where life is inflexible. By that I mean I feel compelled to follow certain routines every day and constantly worry about different things. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), “mental disorders in children and adolescents are real and can be effectively treated, especially when identified and treated early.”(1) “Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of children with mental disorders fail to be identified, lack access to treatment or supports and thus have a lower quality of life. Stigma persists and millions of young people in this country are left behind.”(2) Through my research I have learned how serious the consequences can be for young people who do not get treatment. The most serious outcomes can be “suicide, school failure and juvenile and criminal involvement.”(3) Because of my own suffering and that of other children and teens, I would like to make a difference in the lives of those who have been impacted by mental illness by starting a blog, where they can share their feelings about their battles, so that they won’t feel so alone. Also, by writing about their lives and telling their stories, hopefully it will advise young people who don’t have a mental illness about what those who do go through. My blog would feature adults who have dealt with mental

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