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Masters in Business Administration. Statement of Purpose Luis H. Hernandez Davenport University February 21, 2011 Abstract This document provides a reflection of my Objectives and Motivations to pursue a Master Degree at Davenport University. Multiple aspects of my life, personal and professional, are deeply affected by this endeavor, so that, this is an effort to capture the significance of this educational opportunity. Personal Goals and Motivations My Father was a person with very limited formal education not going beyond elementary school in Mexico. However, through a lot of hard work and persistence, he was able to raise a family of seven kids where all of them obtained a college degree. His extraordinary example has been an inspiration and a source of pride in my personal and professional life. At the same time, this represents a compromise to create an extraordinary change of circumstances for my own kids. Of course, the opportunities that can be provided to them would not be complete in the absence of a constant example of effort and pursue of betterment on my part. In all accounts, I want to provide an environment in which they can grow with the understanding that our education, formal and informal, never stops. I want to raise the bar for them as a role model they can use as inspiration as they make decisions in their own lives. During the initial classes I have taken in this program, it has become evident than a redoubled effort and serious commitment is required to successfully undertake this challenge. This has created a great opportunity for me to actually act on my constant reminder to my kids that hard work is cornerstone of success. Professional Goals and Motivation. In a world where the change accelerates constantly, we need to maintain ourselves updated and current on new perspectives, new knowledge, new experiences, in

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