Purple Rose of Cairo Analysis

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John Lee Dr. Persheng Vaziri Imaginary Cities 27 February 2014 The Purple Rose of Cairo The movie The Purple Rose of Cairo portrays many different scenarios in their specific settings. The film is held in a small town in New Jersey during the peak era of the Great Depression. The main storyline revolves around a woman named Cecilia and her fascination with a certain motion picture. Later on, the fourth wall is broken by one of the main characters in the movie she continuously watched, and later they fall in love. The story continues to develop from thereon, and I will talk about how the film and all it’s components and how it complements the city of New Jersey in this specific role. In one of the readings, Cinema and the City, they mention the concept of “post-industrialism (Shiel 9)” The Purple Rose of Cairo is held in a town in New Jersey during the Great Depression. Right off the bat, a sense of sadness and gloominess jumps off the screen. The main character, Cecilia, is a struggling waitress who is trying to support both her and her husband, who is unemployed. The tone, at least in the beginning of the film, is a very sad and depressing tone, as the audience is aware that this is being held during the great depression. In the beginning of the film, it was portrayed as a very dark and depressing film. The two consistent shots were of the completely abandoned and old amusement park with the mold-ridden ferris wheel and the broken roller-coaster. The film portrays the city similarly to how the city is portrayed in the film; in a very dark and gloomy way. The city is portrayed as a struggling city with people desperate for jobs, as one could see when the character of Tom Baxter is taken to a brothel, and one of the dialogue from the prostitute said “I’d do anything for a buck.” Another part of the movie that showed that people were struggling was when

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